Backflow Testing Requirements in Bend, OR

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If your water is provided by the City of Bend Utility Department you may have received a notice from them this week regarding your Annual Backflow Testing. This also may the first notice you've ever received about backflow testing, which raises some questions:

  • What is backflow prevention/testing?

    • "Backflow" is when water flows back into your drinking supply, from any cross-connection made. Primarily for homeowners, the cross-connection would be your irrigation system. These cross-connections are protected with backflow prevention assemblies.
    • The backflow assembly stops any water from flowing back into your house, and only allows it to flow in the correct direction. However, these assemblies are mechanical and can wear out or malfunction, so they need to be tested and maintained at least once a year.
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  • Why haven't I ever received a notice before?

    • It is an Oregon State law that every backflow assembly is tested at least once a year, regardless of if you've ever been told to. However, the City of Bend has been so overwhelmed with water customers over the past few years, that they have only sent notices out to "high risk" customers. This year, however, they have caught up and are sending notices to all customers with backflow assemblies on their properties.
    • Remember: Regardless of law and punishment, it is important to make sure your assembly is functional for the protection of you, your family and our community. We are here to help!
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  • What now?

    • Simply click below to schedule a test with Deschutes Backflow Testing, and we will take care of the rest!
    • If you have any questions, you can feel free to call us at 541-788-7987 or contact us by CLICKING HERE
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