Irrigation Services

We offer all aspects of irrigation service from design, to installation, to repair. Proper irrigation is absolutely essential for a healthy landscape, especially in the high desert, and we are here to help! 

All irrigation services are completed under our business entity, Deschutes Backflow Testing. You can visit DBT's website by clicking HERE, or read more about what services we offer below!

Water-saving irrigation consultation 

Irrigation consultations are a great way to get a handle on your system, whether you just bought your home or you're ready to take it to the next level of efficiency. We will come out and run through your entire irrigation system, noting each zone thoroughly, and any adjustments we recommend. This is also a great option to diagnose irrigation breaks/issues before scheduling in repairs.

Irrigation Activation

Irrigation activations are done in the spring when it’s time to get your system up and running again, typically in April. We will come out and run through the entire system, checking for any breaks that may have occurred over the winter or clogged heads. We will also make small adjustments as needed, and set your irrigation timer so your system can function efficiently all season! 

Irrigation Winterization

If you have lived in Central Oregon for very long, you know how important it is to winterize your irrigation system! We offer complete irrigation winterizations every fall (typically late October) which include thoroughly blowing out each zone, shutting off the water supply and turning off your timer if we can get to it. It is normally best to plan ahead, because we have a small window of time in which we complete winterizations. We suggest scheduling in August.

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