Checking in on past installs

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We've been lucky enough to revisit a couple past installs this week, and it's been wonderful to see things thriving!

Although we are no longer installing landscapes, and next year will be moving away from landscaping entirely, it's sure fun to revisit some of our favorite xeriscapes from over the years (not to mention revisit our wonderful clients).

Both of these utilize very different irrigation systems, in very different Central Oregon micro-climates. And with both, it's interesting to see what thrives and what doesn't, which has a lot to do with the soil and the local critter's taste in plant material.

You may remember this install, as it was our very last one completed in 2017. It is doing extremely well, and has grown incredibly quickly in a short amount of time! The irrigation used is an in-line emitter system, underneath the top layer of soil, and the owner has informed us that his water usage is one of the lowest in Bend residences! Hard to believe when you look at the lush growth in the small area photographed (the rest of the property is full as well)!


The next one we visited was one of the first renovations we ever completed, so it was fun to see one from our beginning and one from our closing. It is on a property off the Old Bend Redmond highway which means extremes all around! From the wind, to the heat, to the freezing, to the animals who will eat literally anything you plant, it was a learning experience! But it is thriving and the pollinators couldn't be happier each summer when things start to pop. We were very intentional with how we left the native plant material, and refrained from using any critter deterrent to ensure this was a home for all beings.


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