Winter Landscape Care

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2018 has arrived! How is your landscape surviving this winter? 

We were very excited to see some moisture happening these past couple days because drought can kill plant material faster than cold, and it's always something that people overlook these frosty months.  

So what can you do to ensure your plants have the best shot of pulling through a high desert winter?

- Make sure you put your landscape to bed correctly with a thorough fall clean up (sometime in October typically)


- Keep an eye on the weather, and be sure to water your plant material after any extended period of time with out precipitation during the winter months


- Water during the warmest time of the day, and focus on the roots only, not soaking the foliage of your dormant plants (don't forget your trees too!)


- Complete a spring clean up as soon as things begin waking up, making sure that diseased material is removed and plants are able to grow into the coming year (typically in March)

Want help identifying your plant material and getting advice on what is healthy, what isn't and what you can do about it this spring?

Give us a call and schedule a landscape consultation!

This is a great way to start the year off, especially if you're new to your landscape. 



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